Thursday, January 4, 2018

Missing Interchange in Utah County

I'm mapping interchange frequency in Salt Lake and Utah County, to determine if another interchange is needed at the Point of the Mountain. (The answer is no). 

Most interchanges are 2 miles apart, or less. There are a number of gaps (20th East and I-80, 5400 South and I-215) but mostly the 'buffer' overlaps, indicating that we likely have too many interchanges. Utah County has some gaps like might bear an interchange, like 900 N. in Lehi and I-15, or the Westview Industrial Park. But the BIG gap is between the Provo Center Street and University Parkway. They are over 18,000 feet (~3.5 miles) apart. Which is a big deal, because BYU is due east of that point...

An interchange at about Provo 1500 N. seems to be missing. A split interchange, connecting on 1640 N. to the west, and 1480 N. to the East, would do a lot to fix that. You could drive from I-15 along 1460 N. to Grandview Lane to Columbia Lane to Bulldog Boulevard and into BYU, passing the Utah Valley Hospital along the way. (820 N. would be a viable alternative). 

Ideally, it could just be built as a HOT/HOV ramp. Satisfy transportation demand without unleasing a horde of vehicles on the street.