Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Guys, we've got to get serious about HOV/HOT enforcement in Utah. Otherwise, were just encouraging people to cheat. And that just encourages more people to cheat. And then all we have is another over loaded freeway lane.

The purpose of a HOV Lane is to encourage carpooling, by making it faster, to compensate for the hassle of picking up another person. The purpose of a HOV/HOT Lane is to get some value out of underused HOV lanes.

Do we need to sue to demonstrate that the modeled improvements for HOV/HOT are bunk, based on lack of enforcement?

Pretty sure traffic cameras are still illegal in Utah. But the world has moved on since then. Cell phone cameras are ubiqitous. Maybe that's it--we need a cop with a cell phone camera, taking pictures of license plates, matching them to DMV data, and sending a 'warning' by text or mail.

"But it's hard to tell if the HOV is legit!".

Maybe. But that is why there is a cop behind the camera--to exercise human judgment.