Monday, January 9, 2012


As an economic base grows, so does the demand for employees. In a growing economic region, the rate of economic growth exceeds the rate of natural increase, necessitating immigration. The demand for employees in excess of supply leads to rising wages, which then attracts households from other metropolitan regions. As the number of households rise, the vacancy rate of available housing (rented and owned) falls, and the rising value of property/rents stimulates new construction. (This relationship characterizes one of the virtuous cycles that helps power economic development in growing metropolitan regions).

Intro to Python Notes

Integrated window--IDLE. Type in, responds directly. There are a lot of things that python just does automatically, through automatic presets--simpler once you know it, but more of a learning curve. Python is case sensitive.

If you want to get decimals, you need to include at least one of the numbers as a non integers. 19.0/3 will return decimals, 19/3 will only return a integer--6. Standard order of operations. 19%3=1  % is the character for 'remainder'. Considered as 'division' in order of operations. ^ is not used for exponent--** is used instead.

Alt+P retypes the last command you exectuted--may 'scroll back' through multiple commands--not just last, but commands previous to that.
#/Sharp/Hashtag used for commenting.
Used for commenting code.  

Seems like variables can be any string. Will accept strings or numbers.

Allows and echo like:
frog*6 gets communismcommunismcommunismcommunismcommunismcommunism
May set mathematical operations as variables:

Saving, must add the extension .py. If you miss it, not critical--will have to open IDLE and then open the file rather than just being able to double-click it.

Create new is out of the main python terminal, which allows you to execute multiple line scripts. In the main editor it runs each line as you type it in.

Variable types = string, number, tuple, list, dictionary...
List needs end-brackets [], separated by commas.

>>> print "My number is", MyNum
My number is 1
#automatically adds the space before a variable?

"append" adds a name to a list.
>>> names.append('catherine')

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ideal Design

The ideal spatial distribution of trip ends would would result in in an arrangement where the trip-ends for the most frequent trips were in closest proximity. In reality, the distribution of trips ends is more arbitrary.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ring Residential

The historic 'ring' structure of industrial and manufacturing-centric urbanization, with residential around an employment core is caused by the need for transportation access. The core forms around essential transportation infrastructure--ports, rivers, railways, highway interchanges. Access to transportation is an economic necessity, and are capable of 'outbidding' competing land uses.  At the edge, 'outbid' residential uses locate. Because residential uses require more land area per person than industrial uses, they eventually come to 'ring' the industrial uses, impairing their expansion potential.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Urban Land Supply

The rate at which urban land is being made available for development exceeds the demand for new urban land. This is indicated by the prevalence of fully depreciated vacant buildings and vacant lots present in the urbanized area.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Not all urban uses are amenable to more intensive use—for some uses, it is not cost-effective. Multi-story construction is significantly more expensive than single-story construction. Thus, limited developable area acts as a constraint on economic growth.