Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Subsidizing Sprawl

If you weren't in the know, the WestSide COnnector (from I-15 to Provo Municipal) is pure sprawl subsidy. Nothing out there but farmland and wetland, all of which soon to become more low-density suburbia. How do I know this? Because there is nothing else out there!

Check it out!

The road will initially be a two lane highway...but they are already purchasing land for 3 more lanes, to make it into an arterial road. Why an arterial road? Because they already know that big-boxes and subdivisions are going to sprout up along it, generating traffic, so that it will become too congested, with too many turning cars, for a 2-lane road to support.

But it will never be too congested. Note all the curves in the road--it is to avoid wetland. To the south and the west of the road, it will be possible to build almost nothing.  In effect, this is going to be an 'orbital', at the edge of the urbanized area. Which suggests congestion will be less severe, as the road will only be loading from one side.

Still, a gift to autotopia--the only through road for a mile will be on the outside edge of the urbanized area. No hassle for drivers, but a longer walk for everyone else.