Sunday, March 27, 2011

SLC Frequent Network

Salt Lake City's 'Frequent Network' (15 minutes or less between vehicles) is oddly distributed. N-S routes through SLC include Trax, the 203, the 205, the 209, 213, and the 220. E-W routes would be the 2, Trax, and.... 21, at 2100 S. So between Trax at 4th South, and the 2100 S., there is no frequent E-W service. Both the 9 and the 17 run at 30 minute headway, and include a baffling detour (a topic for a later post). It's a strange absence, given that the street grid is still largely intact in that area.  Closer examination of the street-grid explains the lack--Liberty Park obstructs any potential E-W route from 9th to 13th, and any route between 13th and 21st would have to pick its way through an off-set grid.

1300 South is certainly a through street, so the total lack of any bus service along it is certainly puzzling. The brutal hill between 1100 E. and 1500 E. may be the explanation for that--it is very difficult to safely load and unload a wheelchair on a 20 degree slope.

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