Friday, June 17, 2011

Gallivan Center

For those in the know, Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City (the location of the highly successful Twilight Conference series) was closed two years ago, for reconstruction. Specifically, the north lawn was converted to the large structure on the right of the picture. Looks like the ice-skating rink is being removed (no great loss) as well as the semi-covered Pavilion that obstructed the view of the stage. Hopefully, the elevated 'bridge' that helped divide the block into a series of inter-penetrating plazas, rather than a single awkward field.

They've added a permanent concrete pad directly in front of the stage (where the concert wrecked the lawn). It looks like the aviary to the east of the stage has been removed, and a new covered plaza added to the north of where it used to be. The north-south axiality has been really strongly reinforced, adding a huge glowing pillar as a  terminus at the South End. They've kept the central sun-dial rock+pillar, although most of the other elements of the sun-dial seem to have been sacrificed to axiality.