Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dynamic Travel Assignment

WFRC is building a new traffic model. I'm attending the update meeting, and taking notes. Thought I might as well publish them. I believe they are using Dynus-T.

Ability to model how people shift their routes or departure times in response to congestion, pricing, controls, incidents, and improvements. Also, understand how individual impacts affect entire region. Not as detailed as micro models, but capable of high-fidelity simulation of entire region. Not micro-simulation of individual cars.

Macro-Meso-Micro integration.
Travel Demand Model-->VISUM-->VISSIM
 Automatically integrating data from the higher tier into the lower level of modeling as part of the model flow.

NEXTA.exe. Fort Worth Network in Dallas, 13 zones. Each link with data loaded.
Dynamic traffic assignment--can see traffic density over time.

--Transit network built on highway network. Cube model uses that info to extract data about how long transit trips will take, and how many people will take transit on that basis. But the percent of people who have walk-access to the transit station is a big question--what portion of pop/emp in a TAZ can do this?

WALKPCT identifies the percent of a zone that can actually walk to transit.

Local Bus--buffer around a line
TRAX/BRT--Buffer around stops.

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