Monday, September 30, 2013

Grading BRT

Fare Collection
A - Free
B - Offboard
C - Onboard

A-Grade Seperated
C-BAT Lane
D-Mixed Traffic

A-Median Dedicated
B-Flush-curb/level boarding.
C-Curb & gutter
-1 for Bus Pullouts

Peak Headway
A-5 min or less
B-10 min
C-15 min

Worse Headway
A-10 min or better
B-15 min
C-20 min

Stop Spacing, Average (Difference from mean of 1/2 mile)
A - <.1
B - <.2
C - <.3

Stop Spacing, Deviation from Optimum
A- σ<=.1 miles
B- σ<=.2 miles
C- σ<=.3 miles

Have to do something about the DISTRIBUTION of stop spacing, not just 'average'. Perhaps something with standard deviations?
σ<=.2 miles

What else matters? 

Operating Hours out of 24 (buses per day? Per week?) much of ITDP only applies to developing world 'Surface Subways'

Propulsion Tech
A- Electrified
B - CNG, etc.
C- Diesel

Wheelchair boarding
-Boarding plates
-Wheelchair lift

-Stop request signals
-NextBus information (realtime passenger info)
-System Map
-Area Map
-GTFS feed
-Automatic Vehicle Information

Bike integration?

Multiple-Door Boarding

-Transit Signal Priority
-Queue Jumps