Monday, January 20, 2014

Davis Connector

Alternatives are not really that different from one another. Must admit a certain amount of irritation with the numbering system. Temptation is to number alignments, and then sub-set them. Better off is to break the alignment into sections, each with shared points, and name the segments of those shared points.

For example, alignment AAA would share the first and third segments with alignment ABA. If someone proposes an alternate route for the middle segment (or part of the middle segment), it becomes 'C', and the alignment is ACA. And then everyone can play mix and match, until there is general consensus on at least PART of the alignment.

Which it looks like they have. All alignment have from Beck/Victory intersection to...near where I-15 and I-215 merge. North end must be the messy part, given that is where they have de-scoped to a more manageable 'minimal operable segment'.

On the south, they have 3--two a block apart, and one next to the capital. Victory Road alignment isn't going to work unless it's bus. Too many impacts on historic properties. Although it did, historically. In modern times, I think it would be impossible to get a LRT vehicle, and difficult to get a streetcar vehicle.

Corridor 2's South end is ridiculous--too sharp for light rail or streetcar, but connects well to State-street buses. 400w seems simply to connect to TRAX then 300w. The 'loop' on 5a/5b is madness--to much cost/mile for rail. In Bountiful, Alignment 2 is preferred for job access--not sure what the intent of 3a/3b--high density housing? Corridor 6 doesn't get close enough to the high-density residential to make it worthwhile. Corridor 3a/3b are decent, as are 1 & 4. Ideally (for light rail) I'd want the bottom of 4 and the top of 1. Irritatingly, none of the alignments reach South Davis Community Hospital, or Lakeview hospital, both of which are major employment centers.

For mode, the distance (~10 miles) is too far for streetcar. For a 'bare field' city, BRT would beat light rail hands down, but UTA already has the maintenance center and vehicles for LRT, which should make it cheaper per mile than normal. But it's hard to make the call on mode without knowing how much is going to be  exclusive right of way, and where the stations are going to be.  At $30m/mile, and nothing worth stopping for along Beck street, BRT seems like the better option. And thus, alignment 2.

Census' OnTheMap shows a slug of jobs at 500 North and Highway 89 (500w).

Hilariously, someone mentions that they don't want streetcars on their historic Davis County streets....where streetcars used to be.