Thursday, July 9, 2015

"All those Empty Buses"

Most Buses are Empty
Cars are empty most of the time.
So are roads. 

But Why Run Empty Buses?
If something is going to be used part of the time, it has to be available all the time. 

But It Costs to Run Buses!
It costs to run cars ($0.57/mile).
It costs to maintain roads ($250,000/mile/15 years).

Nobody Wants to Ride Transit!
Nobody likes paying 1/4 of their paycheck for gas, either. 
But people should get to choose which they prefer to do.

Buses Are Subsidized!
So are cars. Roads are provided free, and they aren't cheap.

The Gas Tax Pays for Roads!
The Federal gas tax pays for highways..
...except when it doesn't (Highway Trust Fund is broke)
...except when it doesn't (deferred maintenance)

You Want Everyone to Take Transit!
I want everyone to have the option to take transit.
YOU want everyone to drive.
YOU want everyone to have to own a car.
And YOU want to strand everyone else (old, young, poor, disabled) without a car,
or leave them dependent on someone who does have a car. 

The untruths, half-truths, misconceptions and bullshit that characterize conversations about transit.