Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transit Tourist

Much as I enjoyed the 'bucket list; of JMD's post, I don't think it reflects my own transit experience particularly well, since a substantial portion of my experience comes from outside the country. I've also riden a fair number of private transit systems I think are worthy of inclusion.
What I've ridden:

  • 2000: MTC Subway (NYC), San Francisco Bay Area - BART, Portland MAX (Blue Line)
  • 2002: UTA Bus (SLC), Valley Metro Bus (Phoenix), UTA TRAX (SLC)
  • 2003: Paris Metro, Paris RER, French TGV,TrenItalia, Monaco Metro
  • 2007: Long Island Rail Road, Washington DC - Metro, Portland MAX (Airport Line), Portland Streetcar
  • 2010: MTC Bus (NYC), GreyHound, BoltBus, Chinatown Bus, Boston Green +Silver Lines, Chicago 'Loop', Phoenix 'Metro' 

As I said in a previous post, there have been a number of cities I've visited, where the system seemed too similar to what I already knew to bother ride. Denver and Baltimore LRT systems being notable examples. But there are a fair number of cities I visited where I didn't get a chance to explore the transit system. I particular regret missing out on Baltimore's subway system, the Eugene 'Emerald Express' (EMX) and the Albuquerque 'RoadRunner'.

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