Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bus Lanes

Much as I love how distinctly painted Bus Lanes are, I dislike them for reasons of economy. Road paint and it's pretty expensive--Something like 15 cents a square foot. Meaning a mile of painted bus lane (an acre of paint) costs about $9,000 to renew. And road paint doesn't last very long--it needs to be renewed about every three years.

As a temporary measure to impress upon drivers that the bus lane is NOT a normal traffic lane, I approve. But long-term, something else needs to be done. Shifting to a zebra stripe or chevrons instead of a solid would certainly help out, the longterm will probably involve painted rumble markers.

Enforcement is also key--note the car in the bus lane. According to the 'Broken Windows' theory of crime, this guy is merely the test case. If he can get away with it, everyone will be doing it.

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