Saturday, May 14, 2011

UTA 2 Go Trip Planner

I am glad that UTA has moved the trip planner onto the front of the web-page.

But it could still take a line U-Car-Share on usability. My U-Car-Share account lets me add several different locations--not just work and home, but as many as I want. That would be a great function to add to the trip planner. About 75% of my transit use is between 3 locations (Home, work, school) , and 95% of the rest of my transit use starts at one of these locations, it would be  great help to already have 1/2 of the data filled in.
 The airlines have been doing it for years. Both Southwest and Delta have been pretty good about anticipating what flights I'm going to be interested in.
Given that over half my flights are either to Phoenix, AZ or NYC, NY, this makes a certain amount of sense.

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