Friday, June 23, 2017

SLC Transit Master Plan: Community Outreach

Today, we look at the Community Outreach appendix.

  1. It would be nice to have documented the timespans of the outreach events, as well as the dates. 
  2. Please don't use pie-graphs: they are inferior to bar graphs for comparison, even for percentages.
  3. A summary of the routes/corridors most indicates in the 'Mapping Excercise' to display density of suggested improvements would have been a nice way to display where the focus of concern/interest was. 
  4. Detailing the methodology (budget of allocated points) for the conversation boards would be welcome. 
  5. Some way of aggregating rankings would be welcome. Something like a Borda Count would work; viz:  "The Borda count determines the outcome of a debate or the winner of an election by giving each candidate, for each ballot, a number of points corresponding to the number of candidates ranked lower". This would be a substantial improvement over language like "25 percent chose this option as their primary consideration", an approach which entirely disregards the importance of secondary and tertiary preferences. 
  6. "LIMITED neighborhoods" needs defined earlier than page 27; the appendix should stand on its own. The idea of such neighborhood also merits greater discussion--transit dependent older adults who are either unable to drive or afford driving, but who live in autocentric neighborhoods.  

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