Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Randal O'Toole likes to cherrypick his examples.

"By comparison, the average speed of auto travel in most American cities is more than 30 mph. The slowest city is New York, at 17.6 mph, which helps explain why New York also has the highest rate of transit usage. The only others under 20 mph are San Francisco and Washington. At the other extreme, average speeds in Kansas City and Tulsa are more than 40 mph, probably because those cities, unlike so many others, haven’t actively tried to discourage driving in a doomed effort to get people to ride transit." - AntiPlanner

Comparing Tulsa to NYC is a joke. NYC has a population of 8.5 million; Tulsa has a population of barely 400,000. Which means NYC is 20 times larger. 

O'Toole didn't present from the Texas Transportation Institute, which has data for the top 50 metropolitan areas. And guess what? The top 10 are all really congested!

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