Thursday, June 22, 2017

SLC Transit Master Plan: Things I am completely jazzed about

These are all good ideas:
  • 200 S—Key East-West corridor, and possibly, future bus rapid transit and/or streetcar) corridor between downtown and the University. 
  • State Street/500 E/900 E—north-south enhanced bus corridors spaced about a half mile apart extending from southern city limits through downtown to major destinations, including the State Capitol and LDS Hospital, and into the Avenues neighborhood. 
  • 400 S—continuous east-west bus corridor between Redwood Road and the University. 
  • 900 S and 1300 S/California— continuous east-west cross-town bus corridors in the center of the city, including service to the Poplar Grove and Glendale neighborhoods. 
  • TRAX light rail improvements—capital improvements to resolve capacity issues that preclude direct service between the Airport and the University. 
  • Regional access corridors—support regional transit on corridors such as Redwood Road, Foothill Blvd, and Beck Street (to South Davis County).

With this material, you get a real feel for what SLC is proposing. A 'super-grid' of frequent transit vehicles, stretching accross the city. The longest gap is 400-900 south, so you would (as most) be five blocks from a Frequent Transit Network (FTN) route. I find it really odd that they left 1300 East off that list....

I'm excited at the idea of a 400 S. Transit corridor from redwood to the U. I'm a bit wary it will duplicate the TRAX along 400 South. Stetching corridors accross the city looks good to me.

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